Sunday, April 8, 2012

From old to new!

I've been loving my thrift store shopping lately... there's just something about springtime that makes me want to make things new again!
Recently, I was trying to come up with ideas for Brooklyn's birthday party and I kept seeing these adorable teacup and saucer three tiered treat stands on Etsy.  They looked so easy but I really wanted something larger than saucer sized, and I wanted it more uniform, all one color, than the pretty porcelain designs I was seeing on craft websites I was browsing.
I started with a silver platter, a dinner plate, and a unique saucer, separated by two ugly candlesticks, and a little epoxy and spray paint later, ended up with just the three tiered treat stand I was looking for.



First, make sure everything is completely free of dust and debris.  Wash thoroughly and dry even more thoroughly. Mix epoxy according to package directions.  I prefer the Gorilla brand epoxy wit the little wooden stirrer and mixing tray included. It sets in five minutes, and worked really well for my purpose.
Use a Sharpie to mark the center point on the bottom two layers of your stand. In my case, the silver tray and dinner plate. Also mark the center point on the bottom.  Making sure the center points are aligned, spread a small amount of epoxy on the top and bottom of the bottom candlestick and press it firmly into the center of the bottom layer (my silver tray.). Place the second layer in the center of the top of the bottom candlestick, making sure it's even and level, and hold in place until it stays on it's own. Next, spread epoxy on the bottom and top of the upper candlestick, pressing it firmly onto the second layer, or dinner plate. Press the top saucer into the center of the top candlestick and make sure the whole thing is uniform, level, and even. Let sit just like that for ninety minutes to make sure the epoxy is cured. Use a food safe spray paint and evenly coat the whole tray with spraypaint. I used 5 or 6 coats by the time we were all done, just making sure it was even. After it has dried, let cure for 24 hours before use. I used Ballet Slipper pink for my tray, but you could do chrome paint or black, or blue, teal, anything your heart desires.  I think next time I'm going to do a bright happy yellow then stencil on gray fleur de lis. What a fun and easy project! 

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  1. hey this is a cool deal...i may never need a treat stand but i like the idea