Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brownie Sandwiches and Love

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  Today was yet another school party that I made treats for, and these might be my favorite.  They were chewy and delicious, and fun to make!

I'm not including a brownie recipe with this one, or a buttercream recipe, but I will include directions on making them with boxed brownies.  Some things just have to stay secret, ya know.

Assuming you have already followed the directions on the back of the brownie mix box, twice (because you need two boxes) and now have a large bowl of batter, we'll skip straight to the prep stages.  To bake these, spray 2 13x9 inch pans with cooking spray and divide the batter between the two. Bake 20 - 25 minutes at 350 or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.  While that's cooling either make a buttercream or open a can of buttercream and beat in a few drops of cherry flavoring and red food coloring, plus enough powdered sugar to stiffen it back up again.

I used $3 plastic cookie cutters from a superstore heart set to cut the hearts, 12 total.  Do this while the brownies are just slightly warm still, and then use a butterknife to carefully slice them in half sandwich style.  Use a very small heart cutter to cut the center out of half of the hearts, then pipe the buttercream onto the rest of the hearts. Place the brownies with the cutouts on top and press gently. I left them out on the countertop for about 4 hours to set.  They were a huge hit, and if you use shortcuts instead of doing it all from scratch (not that I'm condoning boxed mix) it makes a great quick and impressive party snack.

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