Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Warm & Fuzzy 1 hr, 1 skein Scarf

Today I went to Hobby Lobby with my cousin-in-laws Jessie & Jamie. Aside from the fact that Brooklyn started with her diva syndrome within five minutes and beat up every one of us at some point, it was paradise.  I love Hobby Lobby, and I love the 40% off mobile coupon I use every time that you can use too, here

Anyway, Jessie has this pink fuzzy scarf that just looks like a heatwave, it's so warm and fuzzy.  I, too, wanted a fuzzy scarf and wanted to make scarves that I could perhaps sell for Christmas money, also.  So I came up with this scarf pattern... it comes together in one hour with one skein of yarn exactly, tip to tip.

Stuff to buy:
P-16 11.5 MM crochet hook
1 skein Yarn Bee Riot Eyelash sparkle yarn
1 hour of time

Chain 10.  Skipping the last two chains, begin in third chain and half double crochet into the next eight stitches. Chain two, rotate, and starting in first stitch, half double crochet across row, eight total stitches.  Repeat and continue for 80 rows.  Finish edge and measure 16 ten inch strips of yarn. To make the fringe, fold a strip in half and pull through the first stitch on the end of the scarf, pulling end to end so that equal lengths of the strip are on either side of the stitch. Tie in a knot to secure in place. Repeat through the other 7 stitches on the end, flip to the other end of the scarf, repeat through the eight stitches on that end. Then your scarf is complete, and should look much like the beautiful one that Jessie is modeling here.

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