Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's all welcome Steve to the family...

Tonight we bought our Elf on the Shelf.  After reading the story and getting super excited about the fact that an ELF was going to be sharing our home until Christmas, Christian started dreaming up names.  I tried to help him along with some creative choices, like Nimble or Drizzbee... something with some inspiration behind it.

"I want to name him Steve."

Not Googly Boogly Tra La La?  Or Superhero Stan?
Not Grizzlebump or Flaggard?

"I want to name him Steve."

Ok.  Steve it is.

So welcome, Steve, to our humble abode. 

We sent him packing for his first trip to the North Pole with a hot cup of coffee (because it was an overnight trip and we didn't want him to tire out on the way) and a lengthy spiel for Santa from Christian.

Apparently, when he got back, he noticed that our tree had no star as of yet (I'm working on it. Don't judge me.)

He sits perched on a tree branch, with a note:

Thanks 4 the coffee.
It was just the lift I needed to get to the North Pole.
Santa says "hello."
I noticed your tree had no star.
Since you're a star, I put you there.
Steve the Elf

Hopefully Steve settles in well.  I know we're all excited to have him, and can't wait to see what comes next!  I would also like to report that Christian went to bed tonight, knowing Steve was watching, better than he has in at least six months.  Perhaps having a snitch around is a good thing... can't wait until Brooklyn learns to talk.

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