Friday, November 18, 2011

Wreaths aren't just for holidays.

I've been trying to find different wall decor without spending much money lately, because I've been noticing all the bare spots lining the walls of our house. Browsing Pinterest reveals tons of book page wreath ideas, so I decided to give my own rendition a shot and see what I came up with.

It was so easy, and took no time at all.  I used a book I got for a plane trip to California from Dollar Tree for the pages, Scotch tape for the adhesive, a circle cut from a file folder for the backing, and a tulle poof for the center and hanger.

I rolled the pages into tubes and taped them. I made the poof by following standard pompom instructions and flattening the back of the pompom to fit it into the wreath center. Then I just arranged the paper rolls in a 2 layer wreath formation on the backing, hot glued in place, glued the hanger and center poof in place, and I had a classy simple wall hanging.  This would be pretty with sheet music, too.

I think for Christmas I'm going to make one of these using wrapping paper and a glass ornament for the center.  I think that would be so fun for the kids' doors. Now if I can just find a perfect Victorian frame, I'll have a perfect beginning to a gallery wall.

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