Monday, November 21, 2011

Magnets from vase filler?

Every day, I look at our fridge and think about the fact that someday, I really need to make some magnets that don't look ridiculous for our paperwork.  I put Christian's artwork and important information on the fridge, like many people do, and all I had for a magnet was an old heating and air conditioning ad magnet that I'd torn in half to make two magnets.  Obviously this wasn't really working out.

I took vase filler, a Sharpie, plain white acrylic paint, and magnetic strips and half an hour later, I had a pretty cute little magnet set that definitely beats the stupid heating and air half-ads.

First I drew the letters and a few shapes on the back of each vase filler stone with a black Sharpie marker.  I did some hearts and crosses, and two of each letter-- one  capitol and one lowercase. After that dried, I painted over just the back with acrylic paint, using an old eyeshadow applicator as a sponge painter.

I cut the magnetic strip into tiny little squares that would fit on the gems and after the paint dried, I used a tiny dab of hot glue to apply the magnet to the back of each stone.

That's it, it was that simple.  This would make a really cute gift, and would be adorable spelling out bible verses or quotes, or someone's name.

And I was so glad to ceremoniously toss the heating and air ad in the trash.

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