Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy overload!

When my kids go trick or treating, we are admittedly the parents that dig through the stash as soon as the kids go to bed. 

However, even I know when enough is enough.  This year, we are in a dire situation of Halloween candy overload. 

I decided to get rid of some of it quickly by using it in a recipe.  The rest will get saved for next year's trick or treaters.  Just kidding.  Maybe.

Anyway, this was such a sweet sensory overload that I will probably only make it on Halloween night, once a year, and that's it.  But it's definitely worth making that one time.  I have no idea what to call it, so I'll just call it baked candy apple slices with ice cream.

First, core and slice two apples.  Arrange them into a single layer in a cake pan or baking dish.  Preheat the oven to 350.

Next, pick out some candy.  I went with Butterfinger, Kit-Kat, M&M's, Snickers, and Milk Duds, purely based on personal preference.  However, I think any combination of chocolate would work well.

Chop the chocolate and mix it all together, like so.  Sprinkle generously over the sliced apples and bake until it's a giant melty gooey delicious mess.

Serve a few apple slices with some ice cream, keel over from the sugar shock, and toss the rest.  There's no need to save this caloric monstrosity.  You'll gain ten pounds just looking at it.  However, it's mighty tasty, especially the way the Milk Duds melt into the Snickers in a gooey, cavity-inducing concoction that Willy Wonka himself couldn't have better imagined.


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