Monday, October 24, 2011

Webbed toes

I'm a holiday junkie.  I love overdoing it, from decking the halls to staging a graveyard.  I like the parties, the shopping, the cooking, the decorations... I even like wrapping presents.  That being said, I sometimes feel that my life begins with the start of October. 

A couple days ago, I felt it was close enough to Halloween to appropriately start scaring myself silly, change my ringtone to "Thriller," and give myself a Halloween mani/pedi. I also managed to sneak in a movie date to see Paranormal Activity 3 with my niece.  I'm still recovering from that one.

I kept it pretty simple.  Just two coats of glossy black then drew spiderwebs using a nail pen in white on my thumbs and ring fingers, and on my big toes and two little toes.  Then I used topcoat to ensure no-chip.

I have horrible feet.  They're ugly and I have stubby toes.  I'm also not a mani/pedi pro so my hand isn't super steady.  However, I had a great time with my little pre-Halloween weekend so I decided to share anyway.  I did get a bit impatient waiting for the black to dry so my webs are a little choppy because the paint underneath wasn't as dry as it should have been.  For maximum nail pen awesomeness, I recommend at least an hour of solid dry time.  Next time I'll do this while watching a movie so that I don't get so hasty.

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